The Process of Custom Home Design & Building

A Twenty-One Page Document Titled:  Description of Materials & Specifications for a Custom Designed Plan is provided for every Owner helping them make decisions on materials and custom features they would like included in the design and cost of their home.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

1) What is the difference between a CUSTOM Builder vs PRODUCTION Builder?

  • Whether you are custom builder or production builder you both are about building a home.  But HOW you get there is quite DIFFERENT. As a CUSTOM Builder I pay attention to my clients and I do a lot of hand-holding. As a result I make it easy and economical to make changes before and during the building process.
  • What is important to me as a CUSTOM Builder is I concentrate on customer pricing and satisfaction instead of focusing on the volume of home sales.
  • We can take several different floor plans with elevations and combine them to meet your specifications. It is a very exciting and satisfying process because you do not have to settle for someone else’s “model” floor plan or ideas that were created for the general public when you can instead for the same amount of money OR LESS create your own “Signature Dream” home.
  • I have a collaborative, creative approach to home design and encourage you to bring ideas, pictures you’ve collected or ideas from the internet, all of which can be used for inspiration during the design stage.
  • I strive to educate my clients in scale and design during the planning stage stressing quality of construction and attention to detail.

2) When building a custom home how do I know what the final cost will be?

  • Jane Kerwin Homes, Ltd. design contract promises a not to exceed contract cost. Your cost is determined by square footage and design. I am with you during the design process making sure you stay within your budget while not sacrificing quality.

3) What if I have a hard time visualizing what our home is going to look like?

  • For these customers I can provide computerized walk-throughs, scale models or hand drawn renderings of your plan. This allows us to make changes as needed before final drawings are completed.
  • My mission statement is to never have a customer say,  “I wish I had thought of doing this or using that”.  Based on my years of experience I suggest options during the design stage of your home that will get you want you want for the best price. 
  • I offer a creative process of continually introducing less expensive options during the design stage to stay in budget.

4) Quite often the word custom makes a person think more expensive. Is a custom home more expensive?

  • It is actually less expensive to build a custom home. You only pay for what you want in your home. Consequently you are always creating what you want in your home instead of settling for changes on another builder’s floor plan.
  • To further guarantee an exact cost before building with Jane Kerwin I will pay you $5,000 for your time, if I do not meet the promised price after bidding your plan.

5) Can you help me with my fear of cost overruns in building a custom home.

  • Because I provide a not to exceed contract price cost overruns only happen unless you want to spend extra money on personal preference such as, upgrading the faucet in your powder room or master bath.

6) What STANDARD GREEN home features do you include in a Jane Kerwin home?

  • Energy-Efficient “Low E” high performance Windows
  • Energy-“Star” Efficient Appliances
  • High-Efficiency HVAC System
  • Enhanced Insulation – Johns Manville Formaldehyde – Free Insulation
  • Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings
  • Moisture-Management Products and Methods
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Air-Sealing Package to Reduce Infiltration
  • Improved Indoor Ventilation
  • Construction Waste Reduction
  • Tuff-n-Dri 30 year warranted foundation waterproofing
  • Precision construction methods used create “air tight” building envelope
  • GeoThermal Systems, rainwater collection and solar hot water heaters available for additional cost

7) Some people say, “I would never build again!” Give me some reasons why I should build with Jane Kerwin

  • Jane’s service and warranties are award winning and she PERSONALLY returns calls. You may hear me saying, “My customers have a lifetime warranty on their homes” which means I take care of warranty work even if it is beyond one year.
  • Jane understands building a new home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Therefore my policy is to always be my clients advocate during the construction process. I believe it is my responsibility to create a stress free and enjoyable building process. Upon request I will be happy to supply you with a referral list of many satisfied customers.
  • Jane is personally at all meetings with you and her architect and is involved  every step of the way during the design process. I take pride in the fact that I personally answers all phone calls.
  • As a premier interior designer Jane helps with all aspects of the interior design and coordinates material selections for hardware, carpeting, lighting, etc., for you.
  • Jane built a dream home in Bristlecone Pines for clients who lived 400 miles away during the construction process. I also built a home in Fox Point on Lake Drive designing and communicating exclusively on the internet with a busy Mom who was not able to meet personally. All my customers receive personal attention and a personal process of design and construction.
  • FINALLY, Jane Kerwin’s company slogan is “Homes for Particular People”. I sometimes have customers tell me they are very “picky”. I consider this a good quality because I am also very meticulous. So it never bothers me if a customer is more detail oriented and insistent. I actually appreciate it!

8) Is Radon Testing Necessary When Building or Remodeling?

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9) What is GeoThermal and should I consider it?

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10) Should I use tankless water heaters?

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11) What are some of the causes of leaky basements?

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12) Universal Design Notes!

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